Young muslim Hasan is the man of the house during Ramadan but suspects his mother and sister are abusing the festival’s rules of fasting to different extremes. Hasan’s mother Khadija won’t stop bingeing on unhealthy foods at night, and his sister Yemisi won’t eat anything at all, even after the fast is over. At The Mill, Yemisi is rude when Al tries to tell her that she needs to eat more, as Khadija ignores Niamh’s pleas to eat more regularly and accuses Niamh of not understanding the importance of Ramadan.

When it’s believed Khadija has diabetes and Yemisi is anorexic, Niamh and Hasan try and persuade both Khadija and Yemisi to eat in front of them and encourage them to both keep at it and their health will soon be back on track. Niamh and Hasan both think they’ve turned a corner but, after they’ve gone, it becomes clear that Yemisi and Khadija are headed down a very dark path…

Meanwhile, Heston’s back in work after a long night sat petrified in his living room. Mrs Tembe’s picked up on his distracted nature and checks on him throughout the day, trying to perk him up. Later, Heston has courageously made a decision – he can’t let a bit of paranoia get to him, and he’s got to take the bull by the horns. He’s going to buy Julia’s house so that it can be his home from now on, not just one he’s inhabiting. And he’s going to do it this week!

Also, when Karen struggles to see what’s on the computer in reception, Al and Jimmi perform a quick eye test and Al informs Karen she’s hyperopic and needs glasses. Al jokes that Rob might like the sexy librarian look on her – but will Karen see the funny side?