Ryan lies to his mother Sue that he has a study day and informs her that friends are coming to the house to revise but it soon transpires that something darker is going on when Ed, the boy who was stealing his gran’s painkillers, turns up. Meanwhile, Niamh realises that Ed and Ryan are connected – Ed has a quote tattooed on his arm, which she saw on a poster in Ryan’s room and her suspicions are raised when she discovers the quote is from a famous suicide note.

When Al discovers the boys have a private group on a social networking site with a ticking clock on it, it’s clear they’ve entered a suicide pact and Niamh must race against time to save them. The boys lock themselves in a shed and each drink a cocktail of morphine and when Niamh and Al arrive they refuse treatment – will the doctors be able to save them?

When the Hollins family go bowling, Jack bumps into an old schoolmate, Darren, who works at the alley. Immie discovers Jack has a date lined up but as they argue about the ‘tacky’ site Jack met his date through, Karen puts them in line like she always did. Then, when Darren refuses to give Jack back his shoes – turns out he’s jealous of Jack’s success – Karen forces herself around the counter and retrieves Jack’s shoes herself. It seems Karen’s maternal instincts are back!