Owen’s finished the work on the Joinery, much to Steve’s chagrin, but as Nick and Leanne prepare for opening night they’ve got personal issues to resolve. He admits he feels the strain of working close to Leanne, and wonders whether they can continue working together.

Tyrone‘s consumed with grief and can’t face anyone, so he asks Molly to tell Kevin about Jack’s death. She finds him alone and as she breaks the news of Jack’s death, she also reveals the news that he knew about their affair and the DNA test. Kevin automatically panics and when he asks if Jack told anyone, Molly slams his thoughtlessness and insists it’s Tyrone he should be thinking of now. It makes her wonder what she ever saw in him. Meanwhile, Tyrone meets with well-wishers at the Rovers to toast Jack’s life.

Sophie and Sian seek reassurance from Emily about their relationship, but are surprised by her reaction.

Also, there’s sadness as the news of Jack‘s death spreads through the street.

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