Can Nick keep his terrible secret?

David quizzes Marcus about epilepsy. Marcus assures him the baby is unlikely to inherit the condition and there’s no test that they can carry out. Nick and Kylie are relieved. But when an emotional David asks Nick and Leanne if they’d be guardians of his child should anything happen to him and Kylie and Nick is forced to agree.

Tina’s appalled at Gary’s attempt to kiss her and regretting his actions, Gary begs her not to tell Izzy as he fears for his relationship. Tina’s left in turmoil as she struggles to digest the recent events with Gary.

Stella’s upset when she receives a letter from Owen’s solicitor suing her for the monies owed. Karl vows to stand by Stella and assures her they’re in it together and he’ll do everything he can to help.

Also, as Katy gets ready for a date with Ryan, Owen makes it clear he disapproves and Katy’s upset; Roy reads the letter from his father asking him to get in touch and he agrees to phone St John.