Can Nick make a success of Turner’s?

Natasha’s not happy when she hears that Nick is involving his ex wife in his business dealings. She’s desperate to be with Nick and keen to cement their relationship she suggests that they move in together. But Nick has more pressing matters on his mind and shows Paul around Turner’s, urging him to reconsider his decision. He’s hired new machines and is now trading under a new name ‘Nick’s Nicks’


is shocked when she gets a call from Chesney’s school telling her that he’s failed to turn up for an exam. At home Ches is unrepentant when Fiz confronts him, telling her exams are unimportant. Annoyed at Fiz’s constant nagging Ches storms out, but when a stunned Fiz finds a wad of cash in his room she wonders what he’s been up to.

Paul admits he’s impressed with the factory’s set-up and Nick now knows he’s close to sealing a deal. But as he leaves Turner’s Nick comes face to face with Peter, who demands to know what’s going on. It’s time Nick confesses he’s made a deal with Leannne.

Also, Roy and Hayley gather all their friends together to share their big news.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Nick’s grateful when Natasha offers him the cash he needs to give to George, she’s marking her territory but Nick makes sure she knows it’s strictly business. Meanwhile, a furious Peter catches up with Leanne and let’s rip. She claims she’s helping Nick for Janice’s sake, but Peter’s not convinced. Leanne’s horrified when Peter storms into the pub and confronts Nick. Nick taunts Peter and Ciaran’s forced to step in as Peter warns Nick to stay away from his fiance.

Hayley takes some damaged stock to the market and is shocked to see Ches selling dog collars. Hayley immediately calls Fiz, who turns up and summons him back home. Ches refuses and reveals the whole thing started by accident when he ordered too many dog collars on eBay, and saw a way of making money.

Roy and Hayley set about celebrating in the pub when Mary heads over telling them she’s been planning weddings all her life. Hayley’s forced to accept her help and a manic look appears in Mary’s eyes as she returns with a huge folder.

Also, Tina returns to work in the Kabin; Ciaran plans a speed dating night at the Rovers as Michelle wonders if it’s a way of finding someone for himself.

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