Can Nick persuade Carla to stay?

Desperate for Carla to stay in Weatherfield, Nick begs her to reconsider her decision to move away. Pulling out all the stops he finally confesses that he wishes he were with her and not Erica. Carla’s delighted and the pair embrace.

Tony is bemused when he sees Callum’s heavies leaving the ginnel, as Kylie and David wonder where Max has been when he returns home clearly upset. Meanwhile, Sarah finds an unconscious Jason in the ginnel and phones for an ambulance as his family gather round, horrified at the extent of his injuries.

Dougie’s presence is starting to irritate camp members as he shows off his fire-fighting and foraging skills. When Fiz tells Craig that it’s obvious he really likes Caitlin and that he shouldn’t waste any time in making a move, he’s clearly embarrassed.

When Craig later receives a text message confirming he’s passed all of his GCSEs, the camp come together to celebrate.