Can Nick Tilsley stop Leanne leaving?

Nick Tilsley jumps on board the coach and tells Leanne he loves her - but will it be enough to stop her leaving?

Leanne discovers the missing coach tickets in Simon’s rucksack and realises that he doesn’t want to leave. As the pair board the coach for Liverpool, Simon secretly phones Nick, before forcing Leanne to admit that Nick is the love of her life. Having overheard their exchange, Nick comes to a decision. As the coach readies to leave, Nick scrambles on board and begging Leanne not to go, tells her that he knows about the baby.

Bethany’s horrified to realise that Craig’s posted the photo of her sprawled on the grass online. She shouts at him for drawing attention to the fact she’s fat, and despite assuring her she’s beautiful Bethany later pops two of her diet pills.

Sharif’s clearly stressed as Yasmeen insists Sonia must stay for as long as she likes. As the guests leave, Sonia grabs a moment alone with Sharif and assures him their 7-year affair will remain a secret and he has nothing to worry about. Telling Sharif how lucky she is, Yasmeen kisses him fondly and Alya clocks Sonia’s obvious jealousy.

In a bid to avoid moving in with her, Aidan suggests to Eva they should leave it a few weeks in case Leanne returns home. As the doctor advises Michelle on her pregnancy, Steve suggests they attend ante-natal classes together.