Can Oscar rescue Skye from Carol?

Carol orders Skye to pack her bags before John arrives home. Outside, Oscar arrives to say thank you to Skye for her advice and storms in as Carol pushes her daughter into a wall. He calls the police, much to the relief of Skye. When John arrives, he’s shocked and offers to let Skye stay with him permanently.

Maddy tells Roo she isn’t coping living in a caravan and Roo suggests that she’s honest with Matt and that they move in together when Roo finds a new place. With dozens of mosquito bites and wild animals sneaking in the bed, Maddy demands that she and Matt find a proper home together.

Billie’s lawyer suggests that she pleads guilty, so she faces a lighter sentence. The siblings are horrified at the news and Ash confides in Phoebe about the news. When Phoebe visits Billie, she horrified to hear she’s considering running away. The next morning, Billie is late to meet Ash…