Can Paddy stop Aaron leaving?

With all the argy bargy going on between Chrissie and Robert, Aaron has no idea what will happen next between him and his secret lover. He’s desperate to disappear, but Paddy urges Aaron to stay put and hide his feelings from Robert. Meanwhile, up at Home Farm, Lawrence isn’t happy that his daughter and her husband are arguing at such a crucial time in Lachlan’s life. Will Chrissie crack and tell her dad how Robert was involved in his kidnap?

Unable to keep her secret to herself, Vanessa tells Rhona she’s pregnant. The vet is shocked and wonders aloud if the baby could be Adam’s following Vanessa’s one-night stand with him. Later, at Kirin’s party, Vanessa bumps into Adam and is left more worried than ever that Rhona might well be right.

Marlon returns home with Laurel but he’s still in denial that his wife has a drink problem and is determined to handle things his way.