Can Paige convince John to stick around?

John’s rattled by Dustin running off at the sight of Mark and is forced to re-evaluate who he is. He makes the impulsive decision to leave Erinsborough but Paige convinces him to stay. She doesn’t care who he was, it’s who he is now that’s important.

Susan asks Karl to find the source of Angus’s issues and Karl discovers he bears emotional scars from a home that has lacked stability. The Kennedys vow to find a way to smooth things between the boys, and give Angus the support he sorely needs.

Xanthe thinks Angus is into her until Ben reveals the real reason for the fight – Angus stealing Tom’s money. She’s annoyed with Angus but, when he sets off a fire alarm so she can get out of her English exam, she’s touched.

Sheila hears of Aaron’s new business venture and is surprised to discover Nate is bankrolling it. Meanwhile, after a knock back, Aaron is disheartened until he receives a call about a new client.