Can Patrick escape Anna?

With time ticking, Patrick is still in Anna’s evil clutches. He is trapped, not wanting to move an inch for fear of Anna torching the flat. Anna’s about to flick the lighter on, until Sienna appears from the bedroom. She sides with her father and refuses to leave, giving Anna no choice but to kill them all. Maxine finds out what’s happening and masquerades as a pizza delivery girl. Anna answers the door, allowing Max to knock her to the floor and free the lighter from her hand.

As Sienna and Nancy both compete for Darren’s affections, he soon becomes annoyed at their fretting.

Elsewhere, George vows to get to the bottom of Vincent’s secrecy but gets the wrong idea about him when he sees Vincent hand Ste a bag of pills. Vincent admits he’s an illegal immigrant to get George off his back.

Also, Will is clearly rattled as Dennis determines to help release Leanne from prison.