Sienna decides to find Caroline herself, which angers Patrick. He finds Sienna at the bus stop and tells her he knows where she is. Patrick tells Sienna that he’s arranged for them to meet Caroline today. Meanwhile, Nico goes to Patrick’s flat, but Patrick isn’t there. He takes Sienna to a playing-field where he lies that her daughter is playing hockey and Denise is there to back up Patrick’s lies.

Patrick asks Sienna to wait until Caroline is 16, until they’re both ready to start a relationship. She agrees but tells Patrick to stay away from her from now on. Patrick reveals to Denise where Caroline/Nico really is and tells her to stay away from Sienna. Leela offers Nico something to eat at her house when she sees her stealing crisps from Price Slice. Nico accepts when she hears that Sienna will be there.

Darren plans a romantic meal for Nancy but she has gone to The Loft where she knows she’ll see Robbie. Phoebe sees Robbie and Nancy flirting and in fury goes to tell Darren that they’re sleeping together.

Robbie, Jason and Phoebe decide to go to The Loft to celebrate the end of their exams but Jason is humiliated when the bouncers won’t let him in.