Can Patrick turn his life around?

Will Ash, Kat and Luc help Patrick overcome his problems?

Patrick has disappeared so Ash and Kat scramble to find him. Ash eventually finds his brother sitting on top of a cliff. Ash tries to talk Patrick down and tells him that he has a family that love and support him. However, Patrick refuses to listen to Ash’s words of support and the pair get into fight. Eventually things calm down and Ash assures Patrick they will work through his problems together. They get down off the cliff and reunite with Kat and Luc. Patrick finally holds Luc and realises how much she looks like Billie. Is this the start of a new beginning for Patrick?

Brody wants his next drug fix and with his bankcards missing, he is becoming more and more erratic. Desperate to buy more drugs, Brody steals Raffy’s “sparrow” necklace and takes it to the pawnshop. However, when he’s offered a paltry $10 for the necklace, he suddenly turns violent…