Can Patrick win back Maxine?

Patrick is furious when he thinks she’s at the hospital for her own injuries. He feels a fool when he sees Dennis on crutches but not before Dennis has witnessed Patrick’s temper towards Maxine, who bravely tells Patrick a few home truths – has she been pushed too far? With Dennis’s help, Patrick organises a romantic surprise for Maxine in the village but can she be won over?

When Carmel leaves her keys in Price Slice, Holly pinches them and sneaks into the McQueens. She returns to the shop with a file and Cindy’s eyes light up. She goes to the broker and presents him with a court order so Mercedes can’t get any money until the baby is born and she can do a paternity test. Back in the village, scorned Mercedes makes a deal with Trevor…

Vincent gets a visit from Idong and two other men. Can he stand up to them?

Also, Carmel grows suspicious at Jim’s odd behaviour, and Sam vows to get to the bottom of Fraser and Trevor’s relationship.