Can Paul convince Steph she’s crazy?

Toadie tells Paul that Steph is being set up and he realises he needs to take more drastic action to get Steph away from Amy and Jimmy. He offers Steph a job at The Waterhole and switches her medication for psychotropic drugs. She soon begins to falter, terrified that she is finally going crazy.

After a visit from the Maternal Health Nurse, Amber feels she’s doing well but Josh is concerned he’s not cut out to be a father. Sonya reassures him that he’ll get there, but Josh is not sure and calls for reinforcements.

Paige tells Mark she might be pregnant. He’s ecstatic but Paige is far from happy. Mark is clearly disappointed when she gets her period and she worries that Mark will dump her, but Lauren doubts it: Mark loves her. But Mark confesses to Sonya how much this has made him see he wants kids and he wants them soon.