When Paul apologises to Lucy post-argument, he learns that she’s going through her own emotional struggles, and feels compelled to be there for her. It’s this closeness that enables Paul to turn a corner, allowing him to realise the true value of family and friends.

Amber is keen for her family to love Daniel as much as she does. But Matt is struggling to accept Amber’s behaviour – she cheated on her boyfriend. When she mistakenly thinks Matt’s problem is with Daniel, she tries to push them together and a resistant Matt is forced to admit his problem is with her. Amber’s devastated – but not as much as her dad in feeling this about his little girl.

Bailey has finished his Space Camp application, but is unsure if it will make the grade. When he sees his classmate and nemesis, Alice, pose for photos in a session with Amber, he realises she’s going to use the photos to give her application zing. Bailey is determined to top her with his own pictures, but after he sends them off, Alice reveals she duped him – NASA doesn’t care about silly headshots.