Zoe comes up with another publicity idea for Paul after meeting Priya – to make his once-promised donation to Erinsborough High. Paul eventually agrees to swallow his pride and make the donation but when Priya takes great delight in making Paul squirm in front of the gathered press, he loses it and tears up the cheque! Zoe is furious and when Paul refuses to apologise, she claims she can’t work with him any more… to Sophie’s distress.

Lucas’s arrival with a female friend means, they, Vanessa and Rhys all sit down to dessert together but the tension between Lucas and Rhys boils over, spoiling everyone’s evening. Next day, Vanessa tells Lucas in no uncertain terms that he has to allow her her freedom or she’ll move out. Later, Rhys pays Vanessa a surprise visit and the couple finally get a chance to kiss.

Summer struggles to write her ‘bad’ dating column but Chris comes to the rescue with his blunt advice and, to Summer’s amazement, Susan loves it. Summer’s landed with the job for the foreseeable future and is forced to recruit Chris on a permanent basis…