Can Paul convince Nick to leave?

Paul makes Nick a very tempting offer...

Steph, Amy and Nick meet at the motel to discuss their plans for the cancer wellness centre, but they are interrupted by Paul. Paul is furious to see Nick and does everything in his power to make Nick feel unwelcome. Later, Paul visits Nick and tells him to name his price and he’ll write him a cheque to leave Erinsborough. Will Nick take the offer and leave Amy?

Meanwhile, Sheila’s assumption that she’s also moving in with Gary and Terese leaves the couple in a an awkward situation. When Sheila discusses her plans to redecorate their house, Gary tells her that she is not invited to live with them. How will Sheila take the news?

Also, when Paige and Elly discover the statue at the Lassiters complex has been stolen, they blame Karl and he’s sacked as head of the Liveability committee. Will the committee elect Toadie as their leader? Finally, Toadie and Sonya discuss their near kiss….