Can Paul stop the development?

Determined to stop the development of the shopping centre going ahead, Paul has an application for an interim protection order and also a request to get the property put on the heritage list, meaning it can’t be built on within the next few months, costing the council time and money.

When Paul presents Peter with the order, he plays down his concerns to Paul but calls Toadie, needing him to get back to work asap. Not wanting to ruin Sonya’s party, Toadie ignores the call. But when Peter turns up ordering Toadie to get back to work, he can’t ignore him any longer. Toadie is faced with an impossible decision when Peter tells him he has to choose between the party or his job.

Sonya and Jade are setting up Sonya’s fancy dress birthday party, and when Jade goes home and finds that the skirt of her Superwoman outfit has been used to clean the house, she’s furious. Realising it was Lorraine, the new cleaner, Jade confronts her and the pair have a bit of a show-down with Jade demanding she makes her a new skirt.

With her wardrobe malfunction sorted, Jade’s about to leave but gets locked in the laundry room, with no way out! Luckily for her Mal, dressed as James Bond, comes to her rescue.