Can Paul stop the wedding tomorrow?

It’s the night before the wedding and Amber and Daniel can’t wait to be married. However, Paul notices the dreamy way Imogen talks about his nephew’s wedding and it confirms his suspicions that she has feelings for Daniel. Paul tells Amber that her bridesmaid has fallen for her husband-to-be, forcing Imogen to confess the truth to Amber. With the wedding the next day, Amber’s rocked by her best friend’s betrayal.

Paul’s visited by his old friend, Des, and wants Daniel to hear about Des’s failed wedding to Lorraine, thirty years ago. Daniel shuts down Paul’s attempt to undermine his wedding, more determined than ever to be at the altar tomorrow. However, Paul tells Des he hasn’t yet given up hope of derailing the wedding…

Hearing that Lauren’s determined to fix things with Matt, Terese returns to the hotel and barges in on the tryst, stopping Matt from going any further with Sharon. Having sobered up, Matt apologises to Lauren for his recent behaviour and Lauren tentatively accepts, eager to mend their relationship. It’s clear Matt is grateful for a second chance.