Summer’s in a predicament following Paul’s offer and tries to find other ways of ensuring she gets her place on the journalism course at uni, without having to rely on Paul. She confides in Chris about Paul’s offer and she realises she’d be mad to even consider taking him up on it.

When Summer tells Paul she won’t talk Andrew out of going to uni, he accepts, but tells her not to tell Andrew about his offer. Summer refuses to lie to her boyfriend but Paul tells her not to ruin his relationship with his son. Later, when Paul offers Summer the internship, she’s stunned, and refuses thinking it’s all part of his game, but he convinces her there’s no strings attached and she accepts.

Tash is still seeing Ivan and is thrilled when he gives her a necklace with her name on it. Later, when Ivan approaches Tash and Chris, she has to make out that Ivan’s hassling her so Chris doesn’t know she’s still seeing him. Not happy with being shot down in public, Ivan tells Tash it’s feeling a bit too ‘high school’ for him, but it’s not long before Tash has him wrapped back round her little finger. However, when Ivan sends her a text asking her to send him a hot pic of herself, she hesitates, but goes along with it.

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