Can Peter and Amanda make amends?

Amanda is relieved to learn the assets Kelli stole will be returned, but is hurt Peter is avoiding her. Peter awkwardly meets with Amanda, and admits he’s scared of getting involved with her again. Amanda is angry until Peter admits he loves her, and the pair share a passionate embrace.

Furious Martha confronts Cam after discovering he stole two thousand dollars from the Diner to pay loan shark Terry Mitchell. However, Cam’s fears appear to be justified when Mitchell and his thugs threaten to take the Rocket Club deeds if Cam doesn’t produce $10,000 by tomorrow. Cam returns home and admits to Martha that the stolen cash will only buy him a day. But he’s stunned when Jack comes out of hiding and arrests Cam for the theft, having heard everything.

Martha is shocked to learn police have released Cam. When Mitchell takes possession of the club, a distraught Cam rings Martha, but the call is cut off, prompting Martha to search for Cam at the Rocket Club. However, she is accidentally locked inside the office by Mitchell. She tries to call Jack, but no answer. Meanwhile, oblivious that Martha is trapped, Cam, breaks into the Rocket Club and sets it on fire. Will Martha survive?

*Screened on RTE One, Friday August 3*

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