Simon’s upset, blaming himself for not believing in his own dad’s innocence and making him to want to leave. Peter assures Simon it’s not his fault. Carla finds Peter and a tearful Simon on Maxine’s bench. Carla joins them and promises Simon she’ll arrange for him to visit his dad in Portsmouth whenever he wants to.

Leanne confronts Gary and Alya, demanding to know what’s going on. Alya admits they’re seeing each other, but she doesn’t want Kal to find out. Meanwhile, knowing how small the bookies flat is, Izzy offers Gary her sofa. Owen and Anna secretly hope they might be getting back together.

When Sally discovers Anna’s missing from the cafe and Tim turns up 40 minutes late for his lunch looking sheepish, Sally’s convinced Tim is having an affair with Anna.

Michelle’s looking forward to spending some time working with Steve. However, Steve sneaks off to the bistro, returning drunk and late for his shift; Cilla and Fiz leave for Wolverhampton.