Carla realises that Nick is serious about dissolving their partnership, and is stunned when he tells her he wants to sell his share of the factory to invest in the bar under the viaduct. Feeling as though she’s hit rock bottom she calls her bank manager and arranges a meeting, despite being too drunk to actually go. Peter sees a clearly drunk Carla fiddling with her car keys trying to get in and drive to town. He hurries over to her and tries to stop her driving off.

Eddie and Anna are fussing around Gary, who is packing to head off to war. But he is trying to play it cool – hiding his real fears about going to Afghanistan. Eddie takes him to the station and they try to put it out of their minds to attend the adoption meeting.

Molly reluctantly has to rely on advice from Sally again when baby Jack develops a rash. Sally reassures her about the rash, but suggests they go to the doctors together as a precaution.

Also, Katy and Chesney make plans to spend the night together; Ciaran is shocked when he discovers that Ryan won’t study anywhere other than Weatherfield, because he thinks his mum needs him around.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter jumps into the car to try and stop Carla driving off and an argument ensues before Carla finally breaks down. Angry at herself for showing her weaknesses in front of Peter she insists she doesn’t have a problem. But later, when she is alone in the flat, and Trev arrives to collect the last of his things she reaches for the bottle again. After Trev leaves, Peter is shocked to get a desperate drunken call from her asking him to come over.

Anna and Eddie arrive at the pub full of how well their adoption panel meeting went. It’s a blow to Becky and Steve and Becky’s simply stunned that the Windasses are considered better parent material than them. Meanwhile, Anna’s transfixed by news stories from Afghanistan.

Molly’s still thinking about the time she shouted at Sally about her interfering with baby Jack. Feeling guilty about everything Sally is doing for her, she apologises for her previous outburst. But her forcefulness means it’s clear she has more to apologise for.

Also, Ryan tells Michelle he is going to Glasgow with Ciaran for the night.

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