Phoebe takes control of trying to save the Diner. She and Chris charter a boat down the beach, using Chris’s loudspeaker to promote the Diner to the beach goers. It works! Alf drags a despondent Irene from her couch to see the floods of customers filling The Pier Diner. Phoebe’s success gives her an idea… She marches back to Kyle and tells him that she’s going to work at Angelo’s.

The pressure is building on Zac and things have taken a turn for the worse since Evelyn witnessed Heath punching Zac for sleeping with Bianca. When Evie confronts Zac, he shouts at her in front of her fellow students and retreats to his office. Distraught, Zac turns to the bottle of whiskey.

Zac asks Bianca to return as school principal so he has some time to put his family back together. Bianca and Heath struggle to deal with the revelation of Bianca and Zac’s affair. However, Bianca angrily points out that she has to live with a reminder of Heath’s own affair. Later, Hannah smells alcohol on Zac’s breath, and tells him that unless he sorts himself out, he won’t be raising Evelyn and Oscar. Zac ignores Hannah and indulges in a binge-drinking session. Kyle is finally forced to cut Zac off.