Can Rani stay away from Bailey?

Feeling guilty after her kiss with Bailey, Rani is horrified to learn Sonya saw it happen. Doing her best to convince Sonya they just got carried away by the scene, Rani makes up her mind to put Bailey well out of the line of temptation – by cancelling the play. But after Ajay makes her realise she can’t do that, Rani’s left at a loss. Then she realises the solution has been staring her in the face: she can choose Callum in real life and in the play.

Kate tries to convince herself she imagined seeing Mark Brennan during the eclipse and asks Toadie for help. Toadie finds out Wes Holland – the main threat to Brennan’s life – has recently been killed.

Kate thinks this could mean Brennan might have come out of hiding. But resolves to put it out of her mind for good and commit to mending things with Mason… until she’s rocked by an unexpected visitor.

Paul tries to keep up his usual ways at Lassiters, but new manager Terese isn’t having any of it. Putting him in his place with polite professionalism, Terese warns Paul it’s in his interests to keep her on-side.