Can Rebecca trust Paul again?

Rebecca is pleased to get her exam results, revealing she passed with flying colours, but she can’t afford to study any further. Dismayed, Declan turns to a supportive Paul for help. Paul offers to fund Rebecca’s university course, but, unsure if she can trust Paul again, she asks Elle for advice.

At Charlie’s, Elle is suspicious to see Paul chatting to Nicola. Kirsten arrives to talk to Elle and Oliver, but is angry when they offer her the job of kitchen hand. They warn her that it’s that or nothing, but soon change their minds when she threatens to phone Tim Collins. Kirsten asks for her old position back, but with double her current salary. Elle refuses, but Oliver agrees. But Kirsten tells them to stuff their job and goes to celebrate with Ned.

Nicola is supportive of Steve, but warns him to do something about the threats he faces from the prison thugs. Later at Charlie’s, Pete reappears and starts flirting with Nicola but angry Steve warns him to stay away from him and his family. Later, Steve finally explains to Miranda about his bust up in prison, and tells her not to worry.

Also, Marco and Carmella discover the extent of Franco’s emotional blackmail.