Can Ric help Michelle off drugs?

Michelle turns up again saying she needs Ric’s help. Social Services have discovered her heroin problem and are going to take her son (his grandson) away from her. Ric sees she is serious about kicking her addiction and agrees to do everything he can to help. He schedules a meeting with Social Services and speaks up on her behalf.

Maria is still upset about Sam’s departure to New York and manages to lose a patient. A frantic Maria asks Donna to help find him but she is wary after getting a dressing down from Mark for not pulling her weight. She relents and they find him badly injured at the bottom of the laundry shoot. Donna steps in and shows off the skills she has picked up in theatre but Maria takes all of the praise.

Meanwhile Linden is over the moon when his coma patient Callie wakes up but it soon becomes clear that she has no memory of the accident. He tries to protect her from police questioning, and to sort out her family issues.