Jason wakes up in the hospital and Holly is surprised when it turns out that Rick is Jason’s dad. She tells Jason about Rick coming on to her and Rick tells him about Holly stealing from the till. Jason tells Holly to go home. Cindy is relieved when Holly returns. A worried Sonny spots Holly in the village, while Jason tells his dad that he wants to stay in Southport with him, but Rick doesn’t look too happy about that. Jason tells Rick that he can’t go home, he’s in trouble.

Sienna gives Peri tickets for her favourite band, but the concert’s in Manchester, tonight. She sneaks out with Peri and takes their passports with her. It’s clear she isn’t planning to bring Peri back home. Sam panics when she realises Peri is missing. Peri is overwhelmed when she gets to meet her idols, but Sonny catches up with them.

Leela overhears George and Ziggy talking in the garage and finds out that Ziggy encouraged George to meet his secret man.

Blessing is taken aback when Dennis tells her he’s found a lump down below. Later, Tony and Dodger are worried about Dennis and persuade Dennis to go to the doctors to get checked out.