Can Ricky escape from Adam’s men?

Tamara wakes up in a motel room when Ricky arrives being manhandled by Adam’s men. When Joey, the man guarding them, speaks with flirtatious familiarity with Ricky, Tamara realises Ricky’s involved, but when Joey comes on strong with Ricky, Tamara is concerned for her. Ricky tries to get Tamara to trust her, and together they plan for Tamara to escape. Ricky attempts to seduce Joey, and is able to escape, but Tamara is unable to escape with her.

Brax tells Heath to be with Bianca, who is in the city researching a pregnancy program for students. It’s likely Bianca is also unsafe so Brax and Kyle decide to keep Tamara’s disappearance from Casey.

When Jett and John see a ‘help wanted’ sign at the gym, they offer their services. However, it becomes clear that John isn’t up to scratch. Jett suspects John’s attempts to help Indi at the gym are an excuse to avoid his problems with Marilyn, but Jett’s got girl problems of his own when Nina shows up at class.

Jett invites Marilyn around but she tells Jett that she should give them space right now, because she hurt John. Jett realises he needs to apologise to Nina and they decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend again. After speaking with Jett, Marilyn tries to apologise to John, but John doesn’t want to remain friends.