After Evelyn runs away, Oscar returns to the room to find Zac still out cold. When Hannah returns, Zac wakes up and they try to decide what do next. Meanwhile, as Evelyn tries to hitchhike back to the lodge, she is found by Kyle. She runs into the bush and Kyle gives chase. After a struggle, Kyle promises not to take her to the motel and finally gets her in the car. When Kyle brings Evelyn back to the house, Ricky starts talking to her. Meanwhile, back at the Motel, Leah invites Oscar and Hannah to stay at her house.

Josh is released and goes to visit Brax, but Brax kicks him out of his house. Maddy suggests that he goes to see Casey regardless of what Brax says. As he tries to talk to Casey, Brax arrives and throws him out of the hospital. Ricky tries to point out to Brax that beating up a kid won’t help but Brax tells her to mind her own business.

Even Casey points out to Brax that Josh wasn’t really the one at fault. As Maddy tries to comfort Josh, they share their first kiss. Brax seeks out Josh to apologise and discovers that Josh and Andy are Barretts. Their father and Danny Braxton were friends.