Can Rob stop a woman intent on revenge?

Rob goes to the home of a magistrate and finds a woman standing over her holding a cup of ‘acid’.  Rob recognises the woman, Julie, who blames Caroline for letting her daughter’s boyfriend out on bail. Rob tries to talk Julie down, but she throws the cup of ‘acid’ which turns out to be fizzy water. Julie is taken away, but Caroline decides not to file charges. 

It’s Al and Niamh’s first date and Niamh makes a big effort, but is disappointed at Al’s appearance. The date is a disaster but when Niamh goes to leave, Al opens up – he doesn’t know how to do this date thing. Just as they start to get on better, Al knocks the tomato pasta dish all over Niamh.

Al takes his last chance and tells her how stunning she looked earlier, better without the pasta on her. Despite herself Niamh giggles and smiles.