Robbo speeds off after Kat and Novak, but he loses them when the police pull him over for speeding. He’s taken to the police station and is anxious during the questioning, as he wants to join the police in the search for Kat. Finally, there’s a breakthrough: the police have located Kat. Robbo is let go and rushes to a wrecking yard when Kat is being held hostage. Novak and Robbo get into a fight – but will Robbo be able to save Kat and her unborn baby?

Meanwhile, Hunter is a bag of nerves as he prepares to propose to Olivia. He gets a bottle of champagne and the ring ready. When Olivia walks into Salt, Hunter trips over, knocking over the champagne and ring. Olivia picks up the ring and assumes it’s lost property and remarks how ugly it is. What will Hunter do?

Also, Maggie is starting to come to the end of her tether with Diana being around, so she isn’t exactly thrilled when her mum makes an announcement…