Can Roo be trusted with Tim around?

Harvey is still furious with Roo for not telling him about her continued involvement with her ex, and when Tim turns up unexpectedly in Summer Bay, Harvey is even more convinced that Roo’s keeping secrets from him.

Gina is much happier now that Jett’s back but John feels like a spare part and instead of returning home after work, he drinks his sorrows away at Angelo’s with Marilyn, even though Gina’s prepared him a special dinner. He eventually comes home drunk, leaving Gina furious and Jett paranoid that he’s spoiled everything.

Irene’s fed up with Heath’s messy behaviour and asks Bianca to talk to him. Later, Heath returns with some of the River Boys and Bianca loses it and kicks them out. Heath thinks things through and makes a decision. He’s going to move back in with his brothers and promises to respect Irene’s house.

Liam realises Indi is missing Romeo’s friendship and asks him to consider making up with her. Against the idea initially, Romeo realises he shouldn’t remain angry forever and agrees to be friends with his ex-wife again.