Nicole questions her ability to be a good mother in the wake of baby George’s disappearance. Meanwhile, at the airport, Roo tries to reason with Marilyn, who’s still clutching George. Nicole and Angelo are overjoyed to hear she’s been found and Sid helps them move the last of George’s belongings out. When Marilyn returns to find the house bare she breaks down and says a final goodbye to the baby, as does Sid. George is returned to Nicole and Angelo and after some brief goodbyes, they leave Summer Bay.

Marilyn finally heads to bed. Meanwhile, a brief text exchange between Roo and Sid suggests there’s something going on between them. It’s a short-lived moment but the intention is obvious.

Roo pulls out of her Melbourne business trip to take charge of the Marilyn crisis. And when Elijah offers to come along instead, Laura is clearly anxious. She reveals she’s scared of pitching solo but Elijah makes her a deal – if she goes ahead with the pitch, he’ll face his fears and put the priest collar back on. That evening, the pair return triumphant, having secured the sponsorship for the ball. In the heat of the moment… they kiss.

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