Can Roo keep her romance under wraps?

Roo isn't ready to tell everyone she's dating a younger man...

James and Roo enjoy a romantic walk along the beach, but their happy stroll comes to a halt when they spot Marilyn and John. Will Roo confess she has a toyboy lover?

Meanwhile, it’s John’s big day in court tomorrow and Morag is keen to paint John as an upstanding member of the community, who’s sorry for the hurt he has caused. In order to paint John in that light, he needs a character reference from VJ. Will VJ help John avoid prison?

Kat is shocked when Ash tells her he has applied for custody of Luc. Kat’s convinced it’s a bad idea but Ash is certain he’s doing the right thing after witnessing VJ’s temper and with Irene not spotting Luc’s illness. Will Kat stand by Ash?

Leah’s convinced Ash stands no chance in a custody battle; especially as Morag is on their side. However, VJ realises with Billie being so ill, there’s no birth certificate or signed marriage licence, which means he has no legal connection to Luc…