Can Rosie cut it as a vet?

Danny is shocked to discover that Leopard’s Den has no male cheetahs. At that moment, Glenn and Caitlin – two vet students vying for a job as Danny’s assistant – arrive, and when Danny has a go at Rosie for being late, she quits. To make matters worse, Sarah fires mum Caroline, who lands a job as Mara’s new deputy manager.

Keen to get things back to normal, Du Plessis enlists Caroline’s help to ‘borrow’ a male cheetah from Mara and Rosie finds it. But she runs into trouble when the cat wakes from its anaesthetic and goes berserk. When Rosie then spots Caitlin with Max, she decides there’s nothing for her in Africa, so she’s going back to England.

Later, Evan tells Rosie that the cheetah is in trouble – and with Danny, Sarah and Du Plessis busy trying to rescue Caroline whose vehicle in trapped in a ditch, Rosie takes charge. When Danny sees that Rosie has the kind of instinct a vet needs, he decides to make her his assistant over the two students.

Rosie has a lot to consider: does she really have what it takes to be a vet? And does she have a future with Max?