Can Rosie find Fraser?

Distraught following Frazer’s sudden disappearance, Rosie resolves to track down her troubled fiancĂ©, despite Pepper’s warnings. She finds him and asks him to work through his paralysing mental block, but is heartbroken when Frazer rejects her.

Refusing to be a doormat, Rosie hands Frazer back his engagement ring. Shocked, and aware he desperately needs Rosie in his life, Frazer finally accepts her help. But just as Frazer starts to come to terms with his predicament, he discovers he had a brother he never knew existed.

Sky is left badly shaken when Caleb tells her he received Stingray’s heart after he drunkenly killed his best friend in a car crash. Protective Boyd urges Sky to sever all ties with Caleb, but Sky is unable to turn her back on him.

Pepper is mystified when she discovers that Adam’s idea of a great first date is eating grilled chops in his grubby flat. In an effort to protect herself from another potential loser, she begins to look for faults in Adam that aren’t there, and accuses him of trying it on with her. But straightforward Adam refuses to let her sabotage their date.

Also, Steph goes on the warpath against the council’s proposed changes to ScarletBar.