Ronnie won’t talk to Jack and Glenda about her revelation and they agree that she needs to talk to Roxy. Glenda confronts Roxy and tells her that Ronnie is struggling. Roxy is adamant that Ronnie is lying, but Glenda’s words have got to her. Ronnie is surprised when Roxy turns up at the flat. The sisters have a heart-to-heart and Roxy tells Ronnie that she believes her. Ronnie is grateful for her support.

Tamwar asks Syed if they can have a chat. Syed realises that Tamwar feels awkward about his relationship with Christian and says he understands. Syed invites Tamwar to dinner and Tamwar sheepishly accepts. Syed and Tamwar have a good talk about Syed’s choices and their religion and Syed is buoyed that he’s made the right choice. Syed is touched when Tamwar asks him to go to the Mosque with him.

Patrick is insistent that he wants Chelsea and Libby to leave. Kim reassures the upset girls that Patrick is grieving. Patrick plays cards with Billy and Charlie and knocks back the drinks. The family walk in and are disgusted to see Patrick drunk and rowdy. Lucas takes Patrick aside and Patrick breaks down. Lucas tells Patrick that the girls need him.

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