Roxy is desperate to leave Walford but Ronnie is worried about what Sean will do if he finds out. Ronnie suggests that Roxy play along with Sean to hide their Ibiza plans. Roxy has to agree to go to the Slaters for a fish supper and Sean announces that he’s cleaning up his act. Stacey is suspicious of Roxy when she comes across Roxy’s travel details.

Tanya ropes in Jack and Dot to help her decorate the club for the school disco, but she ends up upset when Lauren has a big fight with Lucy. Jack comforts Tanya and Dot sees them hugging on the CCTV. Dot warns Jack not to take advantage of her still vulnerable daughter-in-law. Tanya is taken aback when Jack insists that they shouldn’t spend so much time together.

Chelsea tells Sean that she didn’t need the coke and returns it. Chelsea has a make-up dinner with Patrick after their row but she feels even more alone when Patrick obsesses about his late son Paul instead of talking about her. Meanwhile, Sean realises that Chelsea used the drugs and gave him a bag of sugar. A miserable Chelsea asks for more.

Also, Libby avoids Darren; Bianca insists on taking Wellard to the animal shelter.

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