Can Roxy stop Sam?

Sam plans on fleeing the Square and leaving Jack with a big problem... Can Roxy stop her?

Phil is worrying about where Sharon has got to, but he’s distracted by a drunken Sam. After having a go at her and causing her to storm out, Phil is taken aback when Ben points out there’s something up with Sam.

Roxy finds an upset Sam with all her luggage. It’s not long before Sam admits that she’s struggling to be a mum and is going to go back to Portugal without Richard. Sharing her own experiences about abandoning Amy, Roxy persuades Sam to reconsider her options. When a taxi arrives, however, Sam gets in, leaving her son with Jack.

Meanwhile, at Gavin’s house, Sharon and Buster are stunned after the body landed on their car. Fearing the body is Kathy’s, Buster rushes to her side, but Sharon soon realises it’s Margaret. Trapped behind a locked window, Kathy shouts to Sharon and Buster for help.

Buster breaks in to save Kathy, while Gavin prepares to do a runner. Confronting her dad, Sharon begs him to do the right thing and hand himself in. Seeming to be wavering, Gavin then makes it clear he’ll never do the time. Trapped on the edge of a balcony as the police close in, Gavin is stunned as Sharon walks out of his life forever.

Also, Kathy tries to break things off with Buster but Phil sees them kissing.