Can Roy finally say goodbye to Hayley?

Roy tells Tyrone to sell the Woody, but Tyrone and Carla remind him it was Hayley’s pride and joy. After a heart to heart with Chesney, Sinead summons Roy to her bedside and tells him she forgives him for his attack on Gary and he should move on. Having given the Woody a once over, Tyrone returns the car to Roy. On reflection Roy tells him he’ll keep the Woody as it’s what Hayley would have wanted and he now feels ready to scatter her ashes.

Liz and Michelle do their best to cajole Steve into action. He goes to his second session with the therapist and tells him how his family, although trying to help, are making matters worse by suffocating him.

Eva confesses to a dejected David she let slip to Callum that it’s his name on Max’s birth certificate. Meanwhile, when Callum assures Katy he’s no longer a drug dealer she agrees to meet him for a drink.

Faye tells Craig she’s bunking off school as she can’t stand the girls taunting her over her weight. A furious Norris receives a bulk delivery of Chicken Fancier magazine. Michael hands Gail and Gavin a copy of his will, worried he might not survive his operation.