Frankie arrives home, her dalliance with Ziggy still burning a guilty hole in her conscience. Meanwhile, Ruby is still heartbroken that Ziggy has moved on so quickly and decides to get her dream man’s attention she will go after a different Roscoe – Jason.

However, she’s gutted when Ziggy turns up at the Roscoe’s with a girl of his own – two can play at this game! Ruby is forced to face Ziggy and his one-night-stand, Lisa in The Dog the next day. She squirts Ziggy with red and brown sauce, prompting him to tip his water bottle down her top. Sexual tension sizzling, Frankie allows the young couple to get back together.

George talks to Vincent in College Coffee and they share a moment, leaving the teen frustrated when Vincent tells Phoebe that he loves her.

The Lomax family are all on tenterhooks as Sam arrives and cuts to the chase by suggesting they put baby Lomax up for adoption. Danny is totally floored and at a loss over what to say.