It’s the day of the gala, and everyone’s relieved when Ruth turns up. As a drunk Charlie rounds up the troops, he spots Cherry and Heston arguing, misinterprets this as a lover’s tiff, and then spreads the rumour around. After Immie gives Ruth much-needed pep talks, everyone gets on the coach and it seems all will be OK, until the bus hits traffic.

Arriving at the venue, everyone’s stunned at the size of it, which worries Ruth even more. As they get ready, Jimmi hears Charlie’s rumour about Heston and Cherry being ‘together’ and is shocked and devastated. Michelle tells him they’re only pretending, but is intrigued that Jimmi is so concerned.

The show begins and everything is going well until Ruth’s solo when she freezes. Jimmi comes to the rescue and starts singing the lyrics, and Cherry is in awe of his performance. Later, she tells Heston the plan is back on; you never know when you may want to snag a doctor with your charms!

Meanwhile, as Ruth starts to dance her confidence grows and she dances better than ever. When she finishes there’s a huge round of applause and Ruth looks out at the audience exhilarated – she did it!

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