Can Sahira and Hanssen part as friends?

After a tough few weeks, Sahira’s certain she’s made the right decision to leave Holby – but mentor Hanssen’s struggling to let her go and makes her last day very difficult. When Hanssen refuses to allow Sahira to operate on a dying man, Harry, who’s been offered palliative care, Sahira lies that he’s approved surgery and Jac agrees to help.

Hanssen’s deliberately avoiding Sahira but when problems occur in theatre, he comes to assist. But he refuses to step in when Sahira’s verbally abused by Harry’s father. When Sahira asks Hanssen if he’s treating her badly because he’s in love with her, he throws her out of his office. Sahira lashes out at staff but is ashamed when they give her a leaving present.

Sahira leaves without saying goodbye to Hanssen but he catches up with her as she’s driving away. Can they repair their friendship before Sahira leaves Holby for good?

Meanwhile, Malick has been throwing his weight around Keller ever since he was appointed Clinical Skills Lead. But when he takes on a tricky case against Ric’s advice, he wonders if he’s bitten off more than he can chew…

And, working with Luc on AAU, Eddi finally feels she might be beginning to understand the man. That is, until he does something completely unexpected.