Can Sally and Emma help troubled Clayton?

Pcs Sally Armstrong and Emma Keane pay a visit to Julianna Fortune, whose son Clayton is missing. On the beat, Pcs Reg Hollis and Beth Green spot a badly beaten Clayton stumbling out of an underpass. In hospital, Clayton admits to Sally and Emma that he was raped – but begs the officers not to tell his religious mother.

Clayton reveals he was approached by a man at a club the night before, and CCTV shows Clayton’s friends Lucas Makobi and Theo Sankara start a scuffle with the man and then leave. The man is identified as Keith Harkness who, when questioned, swears he had nothing to do with the attack.

Clayton tells Sally that he asked Keith to meet him in the underpass but says that his pals would kill him if they knew. DI Neil Manson suspects that Clayton’s friends may have attacked him but, after raids on Theo and Lucas’ homes, only Theo is caught. Then Neil hears that Lucas’ blood has been found in the underpass…

When Clayton’s mother Julianna overhears Sally and Emma telling Clayton that his friends are suspects, he’s forced to confesses to her that he’s gay and was raped. Upset by her disgusted reaction, Clayton storms out.

Then Sally and Emma are alerted to a cry outside – and find Clayton standing on a balcony ready to jump.

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