Can Sally ever forgive Alf?

Colleen and Leah prepare a surprise party to welcome Pippa back from hospital but when Alf finds out about the bash, he feels even more isolated. Later, Sally sees Alf at Pippa’s bedside chatting to her, but still finds it hard to offer him an olive branch. Heading home, Sally is angry to learn about the party and cancels it. But after some thought, changes her mind and turns the bash into a welcome home event for both Alf and Pippa.

Jack is alarmed to hear from Fitzy that a member of the force is under investigation for misconduct but isn’t sure who. Assuming it’s George, Jack tips him off, but George insists it isn’t him. Meanwhile, Jack agrees to pick George’s friend up from the boat wharf and bring him to a barbeque party for George’s disabled daughter Jessie.

Jack arrives with George’s friend Colin, but is unaware that scheming George has asked Rory to take some photos of Jack and Colin together. Later, Jack is shocked when Fitzy turns up at his place and tells him she’s discovered that he’s the person under investigation.

Also, Matilda is suspicious of Ric when she finds a message on his phone from someone called Viv.

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