Sasha and Spencer are looking forward to ‘going public’ with their relationship just as soon as the protest is over. Meanwhile, Bianca joins the students in the rally and receives good news from the Department. She is Principal again. Despite this, Spencer and Sasha chicken out of telling Maddie.

Kyle tells Tamara that despite their kiss, once her memories return she’ll go back to hating him. It’s awkward the next day between them, and Leah thinks Kyle has a duty to make things right. Off the back of her scolding, Kyle decides to move in with his brothers, giving his room at Leah’s to Tamara. Tamara is devastated.

Brax admits he loves Ricky, and he tells her he doesn’t blame her for Adam’s actions. Even though she loves him, Ricky doesn’t want to get in the way of him and his family and asks a hesitant Natalie to watch over Brax.

Realising Brax is important to her, Zac suggests she visit Brax in hospital, but Natalie says she doesn’t want to see him. When she has a change of heart and visits Brax, Zac is upset that Natalie felt the need to this behind his back. He asks her to be honest; is she still in love with Brax?