Can Section D prevent a terror attack?

When Section D receives intelligence that Algerian extremist Abdul Kharami is planning a terrorist attack on London, the CIA’s Bob Hogan suspects that Kharami will target American businesses, so the two forces decide to team up to thwart the attack.

Supecting that the Iranians are involved with Kharami’s terror plot, Adam asks his source, Ana, to spy on her husband, Iranian Special Consul Dariush Bakhshi. While snooping, Ana gets caught by an aide and kills him leading Bakhshi to discover his wife is a mole for MI5. Will Ana now turn against Adam to save her own skin?

Meanwhile, as Jo is caught by one of Kharami’s men and thrown into the boot of a car carrying the very bomb Kharami is on his way to plant, Ros meets up with her Yalta contact, Magritte, who reveals that Bakhshi is not the culprit but the target – and he’s heading towards his fate.

The race is now on for the team to save Bakhshi – and Jo…

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