Al’s article on Karen’s condition has been published in a medical journal; Karen is curious and impressed, while Al’s trying to get everyone to read it. Although she’s anonymous in the article, Karen is clearly flustered when Valerie informs her that her story has been picked up by a national newspaper.

Meanwhile, Rob returns to the hospital to visit Sian. He tells her that their kiss can’t happen again – it’s unprofessional but it’s made him realise he should start trying to get over Karen. Sian’s understanding, before enquiring about the anonymous Letherbridge woman referenced in a newspaper article. Is this Karen? 

Seeing Rob’s distress, Sian tries to help and seeks out Karen later that day. She informs her they’ve met before, then tells her how much she admires Rob and warns that, if she’s not careful, she could lose him forever. Karen calls Rob and admits she doesn’t like feeling like her condition is splashed around for all to see – she should have listened to him. Rob is delighted she’s still thinking of him. 

Meanwhile, Jimmi and Hermione are out when she sees an advert for a shop assistant in a boutique clothing store. She’d love to work some place like that, but brushes off Jimmi’s suggestion that she actually apply; what a disaster she’d be in fashion! However, later, Jimmi sees Hermione emerging from the shop, having taken the plunge and applied. And she’s flying so high that she blurts out that she loves him!

Also, Howard gets involved when an poorly teenage boy discovers one of his classmates is working for a loan shark his dad owes money to and has to decide where his loyalties lie.